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1. Fire detection and warning system

Fire alarm systems are among the most important security systems for any type of building: personal houses / apartments, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, shops, warehouses, factories etc.

2. Public Address System

In buildings with many people, crowded rooms (hospitals, hotels, penitentiaries, …) are used primarily for the guidance of people in case of fire. Basically in rooms there are mounted speakers connected to a multi-channel amplifier. The amplifier can have as a signal source: microphone, USB, own memory with preset voice text, etc.. It is also used as a sound system for ambient music, with different areas in buildings.

In case of fire, it receives a signal from the fire station, automatically stops the music and with a high sound level starts the recorded text to guide the evacuation.

3. Access control

It is a security system, which comes to block access in different places, of unauthorized persons. The system has a decision part, for approving the access in a room, building, at the barrier, etc. based on alphanumeric code, RF card, fingerprint, facial, … and an electric, magnetic, locking actuator part.

4. Burglar alarm system

The system can be exterior, perimeter around a lens, interior with sensors that detect movement.

+The fire alarm, flood alarm, presence of methane gas, carbon monoxide, can be integrated in the burglar alarm system.

5. CCTV system – Video cameras

It is also part of the security system. Depending on the needs of the beneficiary, it can be linked to the registration system for registration numbers for cars, facial recognition.

Digital cameras (IP) are more precise, they can be used also in the network. There are also video cameras equipped with microphone and speaker, to facilitate dialogue with thieves.