Automation department

The BMS system with Desigo system from Siemens

  • At the management level, the Desigo management station provides a central system for the control, monitoring, and analysis of all connected systems and equipment.
  • At the level of automation, the primary systems are controlled and monitored through the Desigo PX controllers and can be operated using operator panels.
  • Desigo TX-I / O modules provide interface to actuators and sensors • Desigo system uses the open protocol BACnet – an efficient protocol at the level of automation and management.
  • Desigo system equipment is certified according to BACnet standards, being tested by independent laboratories.
  • Desigo equipment has the BTL logo.
  • At the room-automation level, the Desigo system uses the protocols BACnet, KNX, DALI and LONWORKS – protocols that have proven their flexibility in the field of room-automation.
  • The Desigo system allows the integration of different 3rd party protocols, such as Modbus, M-Bus, SCL, etc.
  • Desigo uses standardized software from Microsoft, based on 64-bit technology.
  • Desigo uses standard MS SQL databases.
  • Standard web technologies (HTML5.0) as well as support for various browsers (Microsoft IE, Firefox) are also integrated features of the Desigo system.
  • It integrates perfectly into the IT infrastructure of the building, using the IPv4 or IPv6 standard.
  • Support for standard communication media – e-mail, SMS, Internet.

BMS Industrial

Simple operation of a segment of installations

Desigo PX – Panou operator PXM20 pentru operare in retea BACnet

  • High resolution display
  • Operation by selecting operating lines through the function buttons.


• Display of the state of the installations, manual controls, alarms, evolution curves, time programs.

  • No programming, plug-and-play required

• The display of alarms is performed optically and acoustically

• Access based on username and password